Mazda Miata Baby

Miata Baby

I remember the day when my baby became mine. It was a cold sunny day of December. I saw her first time from the end of the parking lot. WOW, that moment! The moment I saw it I knew I just had to have it. I had to beg my dad to pay for the car and had to agree that I’ll repay him the full amount. Yes after all this, it is my one of a kind 2001 Mazda Miata MX-5 convertible. It is loaded with 1.8 liter 6 speed manual engine and 4 cylinders with 142 horsepower. It is green color with a leathered tan interior and wooden dashboard. I have had some amazing experiences in my car. She has been used for street racing and sometimes I have gone over the legal street speed just so I won’t get a ticket. But out of all these experiences the most amazing one was the birth of my cousin’s baby in the passenger seat of my baby.

It was a beautiful not too Texan summer afternoon, I was enjoying the all-time favorite show “How I met your mother” and suddenly I hear someone screaming my name in anger by a lady. It was my cousin going into labor. She didn’t wanted me to call the ambulance for her because she thought she could make it to the hospital on time and her way of describing an ambulance was that it was a ride for people who are not as strong as her. Now the hospital I wanted to take her was about a mile away from my house, so not too far. So here I’m freaking out and preparing the car for her to go so pretty much cleaning out the car throwing away boxes from McDonald’s and all the other things that I didn’t want her to see. Then I park the car right in front of the door so she could get in easily. But that was the time when she hated my car so much because it is a ground level sports car which is barely 5 inches above the ground. So there I was with my cousin in labor screaming at me and trying to figure out the way to get to the hospital fast enough.

I took the fastest way I could think at the time, which is a city street not usually with a lot of traffic. As soon as I try to take the main street there it was, my worst enemy at the time, an accident! After waiting in the traffic freaking out my cousin started crowning and I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t look at it; it was the too nasty for me to look. I looked around and see if someone would be able to help me and my cousin with this situation. And there I see an angle, a paramedic. They were already there cleaning up the accident scene and since they were almost done one of them decided to help my cousin and tried to take her to the hospital but her situation was getting worst so instead of talking her to the hospital he paged a gynecologist and helped until she arrived. Since they are pretty fast with the ambulance they were there in no time. They started hooking her up with bunch of machine; it was like connecting a car to a battery charger. The doctor started telling bunch of things to the paramedic which were beyond my understanding.

I was standing there watching my cousin’s baby coming out of her, like it was nothing. I’m standing there watching my cousin giving birth to her baby and all the time I’m worried about my little baby and her clothes. It was all bloody and watery everywhere on the passenger seat. And there it was after about 30 minutes I’m an Uncle to the beautiful boy Saumya. When I looked at my car, my heart broke into two pieces as my cousin turned in to two souls. The doctor suggested that they should check the health of the baby and my cousin so they proceed to take the young life and the beautiful new mother to the hospital. While the get to ride in the clean and sanitized ambulance I have to ride in the most bloody and watery car ever, but thank the good lord the hospital wasn’t far. On my way there I see people staring at me like I’m some crazy dude and think to their selves “why in the holy world does this man has this much blood in his passenger seat?” but who had time to explain.

After about an hour or so we find that both my cousin and the baby are perfectly healthy and good to go but they still wanted to keep them “under close observation” another words make the hospital bill’s numbers bigger than they already were. My poor Miata, covered in blood and god knows what. I had to clean that poor machine for at least 3 hours and still couldn’t get all the blood out. Then I finally decided to take her to a car wash where they will take care of her nicely and make her look good as new. I took the costliest wash they had and paid little over $300 USD for her to look new. That day I learned my lesson, I’m never ever again taking or giving ride to any pregnant woman in my Miata.

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