Install a Sparco Hub and Wheel in Your 240SX


Enhance your driving feel by upgrading your steering wheel…

Difficulty: *

Time: 30 mins.

Cost: $Wheel + $Hub Adapter


  • Steering Wheel
  • Hub Adaptor


  • Wrench with 19mm socket (your tire iron works for this if you don’t have the socket in that size)
  • Allen key
  • Flat head screwdriver


Remove the fuse for your horn. I live in an area where I am surrounded by my neighbors, and having the horn go off all the time will not make them too happy. Alternately, you can unhook the neg cable from your battery terminal, but you will lose your radio presets if that matters to you.

To take off the wheel, begin by removing the small plastic cover in the middle of your steering wheel. It is held on by 4 clips, and easily pops off with a little bit of effort.

Next, remove the wire which connects the horn to the rest of the steering wheel. This will make it easier to remove the wheel.

Now, using your tire iron or 19mm socket, loosen the bolt in the middle of the wheel. I was prepared to pull like a crazy man, but to my surprise it came off super easy.

Now putting your hands on 9 and 3, yank back and forth on the wheel. After a few good, hard pulls it will come off. Make sure you are prepared for a crazy jolt backwards when it gives way. I was not.

To save yourself a bruised chest/face, put the nut back on the shaft and tighten it a couple threads to catch the wheel when it comes off the spline

Place your hub on the steering column. Mine has an engraving which says “Top” and it has a little arrow as well. Don’t trust it. I did, and now my steering wheel is a bit off; probably like 2 teeth or something. Oh well.

Using your tire iron/19mm socket, loosely tighten the bolt back on. I say this because you may want to correct it later. I just tightened it right away, and now I can’t pull it off anymore because of my skinny little arms.

You may now add the hub “boot” and the little metal piece which goes on top of the hub’s holes.

Using your handy-dandy allen wrench and your steering wheel hex screws, tighten your steering wheel to the hub.

Wire your horn so the button makes contact, then install the button.

Enjoy your new wheel.

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