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In the 2011 Ford Fiesta latest campaign, Ford has developed the new Ford Fiesta hatchback ad. In the advertisement they have positioned the green Fiesta as the ultimate escape. This is advertisement is targeting young people ages 18-25. As stated in the advertisement “it’s a pretty big deal” to go green. A green car is a vehicle that is considered to be environmentally friendly and have less of a damaging impact on the environment than conventional cars. A green car consumes less petroleum than conventional cars or uses renewable energy sources to fuel its engine. There are a number of green cars available today and Fiesta is one of them. The text in this advertisement is showing the dominance on how Fiesta “gets more miles per gallon than many hybrids.” This ad is created to persuade people to buy a the Ford Fiesta, that unlike buying a sports car or luxury cruiser, purchasing and economy car is not usually an occasion to “Fiesta”. The green Fiesta just does not compare to a play car, which has advantages like a turbo engine, strong brakes and which can be zero to 60 mph in seconds. Yet with the virtues of value and fuel efficiency should indeed be taken inconsideration when one is purchasing the 2011 Fiesta. This campaign ad visual is well distributed but the text doesn’t achieve its purpose on selling to the viewer because it leaves the viewer wanting more information on how good the car is and need to solve the curiosity that is left because of all the un recognized words causing jargon.

In the Ford Fiesta Advertisement, the consumer got to see the green Fiesta Hatchback showing the need to adventure, get away from obligations and travel without breaking the piggy bank. The overall image catches the Consumers attention with the fun green ecofriendly Fiesta parked in the center of the image. On the left side of fiesta shows the dashboard and the mileage and of course of how full the tank gas is. This image that allows the consumer to see that the Ford Fiesta is ready to escape. The focal point in this advertisement made by the Ford is obviously the green ecofriendly Fiesta which is surrounded by all old light, dull colored buildings. The Ford Fiesta is positioned up across the inner city and placed across the “Gallery Row” and “5th street” road. The viewer assumes that it’s already ready to go on the go. The 2011 Ford Fiesta Campaign targeted audience is young people. Young people especially college kids ages 18-25 can relate to this image because it shows the consumer that the Fiesta is a car that can be taken out to town and have a “fiesta” which in English means to have a good time. The colors surrounding the text are also a light green color and the orange color used for the text is a good contrast color to catch the audience attention to it. The ad presented by Ford Fiesta in 2011 visual is working to what it was meant to accomplish, fun, fuel efficiency, and ready to go is what a young consumer is looking for in a car.

The tagline for the Ford Fiesta marketing and advertising reads, “The Fiesta gets 40 Highway miles per gallon. That’s more than 21 hybrids.” Powerful statements that will definitely grab the viewers’ attention as well as the consumers who don’t regularly follow advertisements by cars specifically in this case the Ford Fiestas site. It leaves the consumer wanting to know more about what exactly the text means and that causes the need to satisfy curiosity. The color in that specific text is the one that is in bold orange and huge letters it is also intended to look like a road linking the word “Gallon” has a long straight line with a curve in the end connected to it. And with the car facing the text it automatically pulls the viewers’ attention towards it. Some of the words in the text are not understandable and that can affect the consumer’s thoughts about what its saying. Words like TI-VOT are words that aren’t understandable, it’s like doctors trying to explain a medical condition to a normal everyday person, it causes confusion and that’s called jargon. But it also uses words like “seriously” which is not used usually by Adults and that how it can be concluded that it’s trying to catch the young consumer’s attention. They are usually the one who use words like that. The text its self is so small that is barely readable, while stating that the hybrids are more fuel efficiency than other hybrid. The Ford Fiesta wanted to show that the Fiesta has dominance over other hybrids. but in the text alone it doesn’t prove anything. It would of made it more understandable if the 2011 Ford Fiesta campaign would of included more facts about how other hybrids don’t match up to Ford Fiesta without those facts it is how the Advertisement failed. No proven facts are just Sentences and opinions to help Spice thing up to sell Fiestas.

Overall, considering the way the imagery and text was all put together isn’t working. The imagery sets a different feeling of excitement and motivates you to have fun try new things, but the text is just much too confusing. Aside from that the text includes detailed information that is not proven and together confuses the consumer. For example the text states “40 highway miles per gallon” yet in the visual the Fiesta is placed in the middle of an inner city. It just doesn’t conclude, the Advertisers should have linked then both when creating the ad and placed the green fiesta in a highway. The visual appeals are of feeling free, going green and having fun. But the text throws words into the text that are not fun nor explained, “Thoughtful engineering” is one of many that needed for sure more explaining to what exactly that meant. Both the visual and text are well formatted as individuals but together they don’t link.

As a conclusion, both the imagery and the text is overall very well structured as individuals, in order to have made the advertisement more understandable and compatible to the image and the text the Ford Fiesta campaign should have linked the two better. And with that done it could have made the advertisement more relatable and smother to understand. The text made complete sense but to the viewers that don’t deal with cars needed a bit more of explaining. that can also be said about the imagery, the text talked about “thoughtful engineering” but the Ford fiesta failed to include that engine into the image little stuff like that could of made a difference, over all it just did not blend and by that the consumer isn’t as emotionally attached or excited to go out to buy a Ford Fiesta Car and that is how the Ford Fiesta Failed in this advertisement to sell eco-friendly Fiestas.

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