240sx Transmission – The Basics

Removal Procedure

  1. Remove shifter surround
  2. Remove shifter
  3. Undo driveshaft nuts (14mm ratchet ring spanner)
  4. Disconnect electrical connections at gearbox
  5. Remove clutch slave cylinder (14 mm)
  6. Remove cat shield plate (10mm)
  7. Undo exhaust center joint and remove gasket
  8. Remove exhaust to gearbox support bracket
  9. Remove driveshaft mounting bracket (17mm)
  10. Undo bell housing bolts (14mm ratchet ring spanner)
  11. Undo gearbox mounting (17mm)
  12. Remove gearbox

Case Removal

  1. Drain Oil
  2. Remove Release Bearing & Arm
  3. Undo Bolts And Remove Plate In Bellhousing (Sealant)
  4. Remove C clip from the Shaft and snap ring from Bearing In Bellhousing
  5. Remove Top Cover & Spring From Casing
  6. Knock Out Rollpins For Selector
  7. Stand Bellhousing On Wood To Prevent Input Shaft Damage
  8. Undo Main Gearbox Casing Bolts
  9. Prise Rear Casing And Slide Back
  10. Slip Out Selector From Top Cover Aperture
  11. Remove Front Casing

Transmission Teardown

  1. Remove selector rod
  2. Remove All Locking Springs And ball bearings from edge of main plate longest bolt at top)
  3. Knock Out Top Roll Pin
  4. Remove Top Rod
  5. Knock Out Center Roll Pin
  6. Withdraw Center Rod Through Two Selector Forks & Reverse Lock Rod Through Rear Selector Fork
  7. Remove Center Selector Fork (Long End Of Tube Faces Center Plate)
  8. Remove Top Selector Fork (Long End Of Tube Faces Center Plate)
  9. Remove Bottom Rod ring clip
  10. Knock Out Bottom Rear Roll Pin
  11. Remove Bottom Rod
  12. Remove Shaped Selector (Disengage Dowel Pin)
  13. Remove Interlock Pin & Ball Bearings
  14. Remove Rear Selector Fork & Bracket & Plunger Assembly
  15. Remove Speedo Drive c clip, Then Speedo Drive & Locking Ball, Then 2nd c clip
  16. Remove Next c clip, Then Bearing (NSK 6205 Japan), Then 4th c clip
  17. Remove Left Handed Thread Nut (Not Mega Tight- Shims Can Move)
  18. Remove Thrust Washer & Lock Pin
  19. Remove Roller Bearing & Washer (Chamfer Towards Gear)
  20. Undo Layshaft Nut
  21. Remove Bearing (SNR 6204 France)
  22. Remove 5th (Helical Gear – Shaft Inwards)
  23. Remove Reverse Gear (Straight Gear – Shaft Outwards)
  24. Remove Thrust Washer
  25. Remove Mainshaft Cluster
  26. Knock Shafts Part Way Through
  27. Remove Layshaft Out Of Mesh
  28. Remove Mainshaft
  29. Mainshaft Centre Bearing – HR6306UR?
  30. Layshaft Centre Bearing – HR6305UR?
  31. Layshaft End Bearing – 22BCO6S5X Nachi Japan
  32. Remove C clip & Idler Gear
  33. Remove Center Plate (Torx 40 Screws)
  34. Knock Out Mainshaft Center Bearing

Contents of rebuild kit:

Nissan part no. FS5W71C

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